YouTube - that wonderful site where any video is possible!!! How do we protect our students from access videos that are not appropriate, while allowing teacher the access they need to instruct?

With the implementation of LightSpeed - Teachers have access to YouTube, but students do not. If students do not have the need to access YouTube videos at school, then we do not need to go any further.

If Teacher determine that students do indeed need to access and view certain videos, then the Educational Video Library (EVL) is the solution. The EVL contains pointers to targeted YouTube videos. This portal will only contain videos that teachers want students to see. When a teacher finds a video that they want the students to view, copy the URL of the YouTube video, login to the Safe video site, and paste the link in the Submit a video link. Then you will approve it if appropriate. Students can go to this site and search for and find any approved video.

Contact your instructional technology coach for assistance!

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